TVS has always made a conscious choice to put the product at the top of its organizational pyramid, concentrating its energies on innovation, both in processes, through continual research into new technologies and new materials, and on product innovation, by constantly redesigning and reworking them; its sole purpose in this is to find more and more up-to-date solutions aimed at satisfying the end customer.
TVS has set itself a dual task with design: to create a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, and to integrate local traditions into its products, with a spirit, an essence and an identity that have a strong Italian accent.
It is certainly not easy to pursue these aims but they are sure to bring benefits, and the company is keen to invest in them and to increase its network of collaborators in the near future.


Talking about important collaborations and partnerships for TVS, we are referring to Takahide Sano, the famous designer, with whom the company began to collaborate in the mid-1990s. Subsequent collaborations were put in place with the designer Giugiaro, with Studio Matteo Thun & Partner and with the architect Marco Della Torre.
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TVS Special Projects

TVS’s close attention to the “product-design” link is also translated into collaborations with the most prestigious international design schools, such as the IED (European Institute of Design), and with many emerging young designers, often encountered through networks created by ADI (Association for Industrial Design).
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